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Breaking The Stigma

15th July 2018, ‘Let’s Talk Men’s Mental Health’ was created in the South Wales valleys. With our direct but friendly approach we have built a strong community, that is growing with demand. We aim to break the stigma of men’s mental health and provide support for those who are suffering. We aren’t saying this will be the answer for everyone but we are asking you give it a try, there is ‘No Pressure, No Judgement, No Stigma’.


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‘Let’s Talk Men’s Mental Health’ firmly believe if we can break the stigma attached to Mental Health this will have a positive impact on the next generation. Healthier Parents lead to healthier children, healthier children lead to healthier adults who are unafraid to speak up and be heard.


The South Wales valleys has had a culture passed down through the generations of men having to be tough and having a stiff upper lip. Young men and boys hear terms like ‘Man Up’ or ‘Boys don’t cry’ so frequently growing up that they mature feeling they need to keep their feelings secret and never share how they truly feel.


Feeling unable to speak up and not able to deal with these feelings in a healthy manner can lead to men unfortunately choosing to end their lives. In the UK there were over 6,500 suicides completed in 2018 with 75% of these being Men. 45-49 year olds being the biggest at risk group for men, as per Samaritans Suicide Statistic Report 2018

Together we can bring these numbers down, together we can change the face of Mental Health, together we can make a difference.

The Team


Let’s Talk Men’s Mental Health is currently run by three individuals who also run the physical meetups. The team is built up of Mike, Shaun and Paul. Meet the team below.

Let’s Talk Men’s Mental Health is run on a purely voluntary, not-for-profit basis. As an organisation everything we do is for awareness raising and stigma breaking of Men’s Mental Health.

Michael Miles, wearing our white T-Shirt, holding up rock fingers.


Michael Miles


Hi, I’m Michael Miles, co-founder and co-director of LTMMH.

After having my own battles with mental health I recognised the need for direct help for men so setup up LTMMH as a safe outlet for men to be able to talk and break down the stigma attached to mens mental health.


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Shaun Parfitt


Hi, I’m Shaun Parfitt, co-founder and co-director of LTMMH.

I too suffered with mental health issues mainly Anxiety and Depression. I was off work for an extended period and felt alone.

LTMMH has been built to be a place where any man is welcome and will not be ignored. This is something I wish I had during my darkest days.

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Shaun wearing our Warrior T-Shirt
Paul Carpenter at the gym wearing our Warrior t-shirt

Operations Manager

Paul Carpenter


Hi, I’m Paul, Operations Manager for LTMMH, known to most as Carpy. I joined LTMMH in 2019, following a decision to start a group similar to this one. I discovered LTMMH, introduced myself to the lads and I have been on board ever since.

I am also the faciliator for the Tonyrefail Meet Up group.


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