Group Sessions

Our group sessions invite you to come and
sit with us and explore mental health

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About Our

Group Sessions

Our meet ups are relaxed and designed to make all men feel welcome and comfortable. Whether you want to openly discuss your mental health, speak with others or say nothing at all – you are welcome.

We pride ourselves on our three values; No Pressure, No Judgement, No Stigma. This is the experience we want each man to expect and receive.

Free Tea and Coffee are available to help people relax and encourage natural conversations begin in small conversations or groups. Groups are facilitated by one or two individuals.

We hope to see you at a group soon!

What Happens In a Session?

Usually sessions are started with a cup of tea or coffee, the group facilitator will introduce themselves to you and possibly whoever else is there too.

When the room starts to fill up people may choose to converse with one another in small groups or one large group.

You will NOT be under any pressure to speak in front of a group of people, you will NEVER be singled out for being quiet.

The facilitator will usually introduce themselves if anyone new is there and open the floor to conversation. Various subjects may be covered and whether it be about mental health or having a bit of a laugh as a group, we welcome it all.

During the 2 hour meeting time you are welcome to arrive/leave/return as you please.