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Our recent video produced for Suicide Prevention Day 2021.

Encouraging Men to Join Us.

Our videos produced to encourage more men to reach out and join the group, the benefits of joining and how it has helped some of our members.

Digital Stories

Below you will find three stories from Men within our group who are prepared to share it all with us.

Quick Tips

7 Mental Health Tips hand chosen by the individuals delivering them in the videos. Each tip to build an overall guide to better Mental Health.

Mental Health Quick Tip: Sleep Better

We all know sleep is important, but how many of us get a decent night sleep? Here Paul delivers some important tips to sleep better.

Mental Health Quick Tip: Not Making Decisions When Upset

An irrational thought, to an irrational mind can seem to make all the sense in the world, but Kyron brings an important message of not acting when upset. 

Mental Health Quick Tips: Be Kind To Yourself

Mark of Sixty Six / Ninety Nine shares with us his Mental Health Tip of being kind to yourself, remembering to give yourself a pat on the back for achieving even the smallest things right now.

Mental Health Quick Tip: Reach Out to Family / Friends 

As we know, connecting with people when you feel at your lowest can be difficult, but as Mike shares with us reaching out to someone you trust and someone you can speak to will help improve how you feel even just by a little.

Mental Health Quick Tip: Be Present / Mindful

We hear about mindfulness a lot… but it doesn’t need to be anything major or complicated. Shaun shares his Mental Health tip of being more present and aware. Take note of how you feel, the surroundings and use this to ground yourself.

Mental Health Quick Tip: Reach Out to Organisations

Julian John of Cwm Taf Morgannwg Mind, shares with us the importance of reaching out to Organisations who are set up to support you. This very important tip could be a lifeline if you find yourself in crisis.

We have a list of Recommended Services including the ones Julian shared.

Mental Health Quick Tip: Get Active

Mark Abraham shares with us a very important Mental Health tip that includes your physical health – getting active.

  You don’t have to run a marathon or climb Pen-Y-Fan, doing a little more than usual will help your mind and body equally stay healthy.