As part of our Welsh Government funding we commissioned very talent people to work on a video with us to capture a “Day in the life” or Mental Health – Minus the usual tropes and stereotypes.

The video is titled “World Suicide Prevention Day Campaign 2021”, here at Let’s Talk Men’s Mental Health we believe everyone deserves to be listened to, responded to and never ignored. We see you, we hear you and we understand.

Through the experience of ourselves and our fantastic members, connections and resources we can ensure you get the help you need. Please… Do not suffer alone, do not suffer in silence, we are here and we want to help.

No Pressure, No Judgement, No Stigma – our 3 values that we hold ourselves to and we believe make the foundation for approaching Men’s Mental Health.


Actor: Mr Morgan Llewelyn-Jones

Morgan is the recipient of Winner of The Richard Burton Memorial Award 2019 and Winner of The Llew Williams Memorial Award 2019 and we feel he did an incredible job! Directed / Produced / Edited by Optimwm Ltd:

Directed by Mark Smith of Sixty Six / Ninety Nine:

Film produced for Let’s Talk Men’s Mental Health CIC, paid for using Welsh Government funding in 2020/2021.