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Let’s Talk Mens Mental Health started with peer support being the main reason for existing. Men who have suffered helping other men currently dealing with their mental health… together we go further mentality.

LTMMH hold meetup groups in Aberdare and Tonyrefail with other locations looking to be added. Click Here for more information on the group times, dates and locations.

Guided Help


LTMMH have always had the idea of being able to offer counselling sessions to its members. Some times peer support isn’t enough on its own but can supplement talking therapy.

From October 2020 we have been seeking funding to provide counselling for men free of charge to them. On average 1 man would have 8 sessions, some more, some less. The Counsellors we use are BACP [British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy] Registered. For more information on BACP Click Here.

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3 Years Old!

3 Years Old!

Who would’ve thought two lads from Cynon Valley would meet a third and change Men’s Mental Health...

Free Counselling from May 1st!

Free Counselling from May 1st!

Let’s Talk Men’s Mental Health are pleased to announce we have been successful with our bid to The Moondance Foundation and will be able to provide counselling for Men free of charge!

If you are interested please contact us to learn more.